Multiple Compliance Needs? One Solution.

The A-lign family of companies is comprised of two separate organizations, A-lign CPAs and A-lign Security, both of which focus strictly on the regulatory and compliance areas but jointly serve clients to help them achieve their compliance objectives. This collaboration of compliance initiatives effectively enables A-lign to assist clients with their significant compliance needs.

A-lign CPAs and A-lign Security have assembled a highly experienced team of audit professionals who possess related education, certifications and extensive professional knowledge in providing the following regulatory and compliance services:

A-lign CPAs

A-lign Security

If your company is required to comply with multiple standards, A-lign is able to offer bundled engagements that take advantage of the overlap between the various regulatory and compliance requirements. By providing our clients with the ability to engage one firm for their compliance needs, we are able to reduce the overall impact of the audit to the organization as well as reduce the overall engagement fees.